23 de Marzo del 2023    In Memoriam

Terrorist murder of police officers


Comunicado de la Presidenta de EuroCOP, Àngels Bosch, tras el asesinato de dos policías y un civil en la localidad belga de Lieja.
Speaking after the murder of two female police officers in Leige, Belgium yesterday (29 May 2018) Àngels Bosch, President of the European Confederation of Police (EuroCOP) said;

The brutal murder of police officers Lucile Garcia (53) and Soraya Belkacemi (45) and in Leige yesterday morning has shocked the world. Whilst no one murder is more devastating in its impact than another, the cowardly and savage attack that led to the death of these exceptional police officers and public servants has been met with universal revulsion, condemnation and sorrow. 

We send all of the thoughts, prayers and condolences of the European police family to the family, friends and loved ones of Lucile and Soraya. We know their loss will leave them heartbroken and beyond grief. We can only hope that they take some comfort from knowing they made a difference in the lives of so many people in the communities they served. Europe will never forget them. 

We also send our best wishes for a full recovery to all the police officers, and others who were injured in this attack. We know that whilst physical injuries may heal quickly that many can carry the psychological injuries from physical trauma for the rest of their lives. Our governments and leaders owe it to the memories of those who have died to ensure that those who lived are supported in their recovery for as long as is necessary. 

This attack comes almost a year after intelligence services identified a new campaign by Jihadi terrorists that specifically targeted female police officers. It serves to reinforce that terrorism has no noble cause, has no code of honour or moral basis. It is cowardly and every time we are exposed to its brutality - it simply strengthens our resolve to defeat it.


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